My Name is Sarah Tucker and I have been playing softball for over 8 years.   I truly love the game and my goal is to continue playing at the college level.   Matching a college to my academic desires and career goals are number one priorities.   I have taken many honors and AP classes in order to prepare myself for a college education.  My current GPA is  4.08 and I hope to major in  the medical field.   I am currently 16 and will graduate in 2014 from Piedmont High School as one of the youngest in my class.  

Softball is a fun game and my satisfaction in the game is closely tied to that philosophy.   I am very competitive and while winning is not everything, it does make it more fun.  I try very hard to evaluate my at plate appearances as “quality at bats” instead of tying them to stats.  My success in batting is due to my ability to focus on the current pitch and not dwell on past or future at bats.   My batting philosophy is to hit hard line drives.    While I work hard in the cage, when it gets game time I concentrate really hard on keeping it simple. “See the ball. Hit the ball”.  My favorite part of the game is actually defense, even though I led Union County and my conference in hitting my sophomore season.  I have mainly played infield (3rd base and SS) in the last several years but enjoy playing outfield as well.

I am 5’ 6”, 140 lbs and my home to first time is 3.12.  I consider myself to be a very good defensive player with a more than adequate arm and an exceptional hitter.  I am still learning the game and working to improve my skills.  I am actually very, very modest and would never concede to putting this website together except that my coaches convinced me that I must market myself if I want to play at the college level.  That being said, I very much would like to play at the next level if it enhances my opportunity to receive a quality education that would prepare me for a career.   

I hope this website allows you to get a glimpse of who I am and what I stand for.  If you have any requests or have any further questions please contact me.

         Sarah E. Tucker 

#4 High School / #5 Showcase